Craig Hidalgo
Director of Client Services

Craig loves the design world because of the constant variety and rapidity with which he gets to see the results of the work – there's always something new and exciting around the corner, and that has held true for the more than 25 years he's been in the industry.

At Bresslergroup, he focuses on identifying key clients and improving strategic relationships to grow our existing business.

While business development is Craig’s focus now, he has plenty of experience as an engineer. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel, he worked in the telecom, solar power, and medical manufacturing industries. Medical devices are a particular specialty of his, and he holds patents in the fields of tissue ablation, deployable ultrasound devices, uterine treatment instruments, sharps protection, durable medical goods, and dental devices. Craig has a deep appreciation for both engineering challenges and client needs, and he relishes finding solutions to tricky problems that satisfy everyone.

When he’s not working, Craig loves entertaining family and friends at home, especially cooking. When he prepares the food, “each dish is a unique creation.”

What's your favorite all-time product? BMW 3 series car What's your second-choice occupation? A civil engineer, planning communities and designing bridges. Finish this sentence: Design is ... ... beautiful, intuitive solutions that solve problems and meet user needs.