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Gladys Rosa-Mendoza
Director of Design Strategy and Innovation

Gladys believes we no longer live in a world that is B2B or B2C — it's now H2H. ... Human to Human.

It’s all about the user, or human — they are the experts — and growing up as an Army brat gave Gladys the skills she needed to parachute into their worlds. She learned quickly how to read people and environments and how to make friends easily. And her fluency in English and Spanish (language and culture) continues to help her approach situations from different viewpoints.

When Gladys discovered design research and strategy, she immediately recognized a career path that drew on her strengths, fed her curiosity, and gave her the tools she needed to make a positive impact on people’s lives. “Most of all I truly care about what I do,” she says. “If I do my job right, I can help change the lives of people for the better.”

Gladys brings more than three decades of design industry and leadership experience to Bresslergroup, where she is responsible for building the Design Strategy practice. In her career, she has received numerous awards and accolades while leading a wide range of strategy and innovation projects for industries including healthcare, media, city services, technology, and building products.

Her degrees include a BFA in Visual Communication from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Master of Design Methods (Design Research & Strategy) from the Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design.

Finish this sentence: Design is ... ... everywhere, so make it good. What are you most curious about? How to take information and turn it into knowledge. Any hidden talents? I'm a children's book author with more than 40 books published in my name for the preschool English/Spanish market, and more than 400 educational books for Pre-K, elementary, high school, and college.