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Kevin Tassini
Senior Interaction Designer

Kevin likes being on the edge of what's new. He was on his way to becoming a psychologist when he stumbled onto something that was new to him: human-computer interaction (HCI). He quickly realized it was the perfect mix of psychology, computer science, and design.

Kevin’s psychology training gives him a deeper understanding of how people are going to use a product or system and where they might get stuck. This helps him achieve what he considers to be the interaction designer’s ultimate goal: to design interfaces where people won’t get stuck. The real magic is in crafting interactions that feel simple, natural, and effortless. At Bresslergroup he helps clients design these intuitive experiences that simultaneously create strong brand affinity.

Kevin went to Carnegie Mellon to get his Masters in Human-Computer Interaction after earning a BA in Psychology from Providence College. Before coming to Bresslergroup, he gained experience leading interaction design projects across all device types including mobile, tablet, TV, automotive, and home appliances, for clients including Fitbit, eBay, Toyota, Infiniti, and Skype.

He likes exercising his creativity outside of work, too, by seeing movies, listening to podcasts about movies, and bouncing plot points around with his novelist wife.

What's your favorite product? Recently for home projects I've been relishing the Craftsman 9-41796 Ratcheting Screwdriver. If you could redesign anything, what would it be? Car HMI (human-machine interface). Finish this sentence: Design is ... ... asking questions, creating solutions.