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Tara Horne
Sales and Marketing Operations Manager

Tara has been to 25 countries and regularly travels throughout the U.S. She can’t sit still.

When you’re set down in the middle of a new place, there’s an immediate need for observation, investigation, and problem-solving. As someone who has always savored the challenge of bridging the gap between solutions and needs, it’s no wonder she’s obsessed.

Tara also loves the research, discovery, and deciphering aspects of B2B sales and marketing. “It’s like finding the right pieces to make a plane fly,” she says.

At Bresslergroup, she supports the sales and marketing department in many ways, including with operations, communications, proposals, and intelligence. She’s excited to be working in design, a space that marries creativity with functionality.

She is originally from California, where she earned a BA in Economics and Political Science from San Diego State University. Before coming to Bresslergroup, Tara gained experience in the finance and healthcare spheres.  When she’s not at work she’s, you guessed it, planning a trip or taking one. Locally she pursues other challenging activities, such as Olympic Weightlifting and pulling trucks at Strongman Competitions.

If you could redesign anything, what would it be? Left-handed scissors. And can openers, to make them ambidextrous. What are you most curious about? How to get from point A to point B. Any hidden talents? I can weirdly memorize lines from just about every movie or TV show I watch.