Tech and Design Quizzo

Philly Tech Week Tech and Design Quizzo by PhillyCHI

During Philly Tech Week, PhillyCHI and I-SITE presented a rousing game of Technology and Design Quizzo. We enjoyed it so much, we wanted to provide an abridged version. (The worst thing about Quizzo is its ephemeral nature, but technology makes it last forever.) So enjoy a spot of trivia. Answers are at the bottom.

To Boldly Go Where No Scanner Has Gone Before

Our Orbit Scanner on the set of "Star Trek Into Darkness"

When we spotted our Orbit point-of-sale scanner in photos from the set of the new Star Trek movie, we were tickled. And then we got to wondering.

What made the props person stop when he or she saw Orbit and say, "Yeah, that's the one. That's what the Starship Enterprise needs."

How To Protect UI with Design Patents

How To Protect UI with Design Patents
User interface design patents are more important than ever. They make up about 2% of all design patent applications — this translates to roughly 500 UI design patent filings per year with the USPTO but has been rapidly accelerating. "Generated Images" (i.e., user interfaces and icons) are the fastest growing segment of design patents.

Color Matters: The IDSA Conference Wrap-Up (Part 2)

Color (Really) Matters: The IDSA Conference Wrap-Up (Part 2)
A few days ago I posted about Day 1 of the IDSA Northeast Conference, The Color of Design, promising this wrap-up of Day 2. The second half of the conference felt closer to home with design practitioners taking the stage to share their personal insights into the use of color across many categories, including lighting, personal technology, and "med-sumer" — and the implications of a future with 3D printers in every home.

Color Matters: The IDSA Conference Wrap-Up (Part 1)

Color Matters: The IDSA Conference Wrap-Up (Part 1)
Bresslergroup's ID team has had a couple of weeks to reflect on IDSA Northeast's conference, The Color of Design. The topic of color generated some diverse and stimulating viewpoints that reinforce color's importance in design practice today. I'll sum up Day 1, which focused on trends, in this post and follow up with a sequel on Day 2.

Video: Not Taking Color Lightly

Chris Murray presents rational process to drive color decisions
You may not realize it, but color is one of the most immediate criteria your brain uses to make a decision about a product. Do you love it? Will you buy it? You know within the first few seconds of seeing it, and that visceral reaction rests largely on color. In this short video some of our user interface and industrial designers share their thoughts on this powerful tool.

The Three Key Steps for Designing with UX Patents

Three key steps to designing effectively with interaction design patents
The Apple v. Samsung case raised general awareness that interaction design, as much as aesthetics and utility, is intellectual property. Part of the case centered on user experience, including the "pinch to zoom" gesture and one- versus two-finger scrolling. Just like the shape of a chair, gestural interfaces can be patented—and they can be knocked off.

The Happy Marriage of Industrial Design and User Interface Design

Mathieu Turpault opens PDMA panels discussion on user interface in customer experience
Anyone with a toddler who routinely swipes TV screens and mirrors knows how technology is reshaping users’ abilities and expectations beyond what the traditional product design process was set up to deliver. More and more, people are conditioned to interact with their objects. As the design of physical objects merges with the design of user experience, industrial design and user interface tend to get pitted against each other.

Tips on Waterproofing

Bresslergroup technical innovation waterproofing

Waterproofing is an art and science that is often taken for granted.  It’s not an easy feat to accomplish and is often misrepresented in marketing claims. However, with the various IP ratings and performance requirements product developers face, there are a number of techniques to consider to meet this necessary challenge.

Optimized User Experience with Emerging Interaction Design Tools

Multi-disciplinary Iteration
From cloud computing and haptics to modifying your development process, learn how to expand your designer toolbox.