Integrated User Interface and Industrial Design for Improved Process Efficiency

On July 19th Bresslergroup’s Mathieu Turpault and Rob Tannen, PhD demonstrated the value of effectively integrating UI design into NPD process during PDMA’s webcast. From defining the user and product benefits resulting from an integrated process to identifying and overcoming process obstacles attendees learned how they can develop a stronger NPD process.

With rapid advancements in technology and increasing consumer expectations, Bresslergroup’s Turpault forecasts “product (developers) are poised to take greater advantage of more sophisticated electronics.” Whether it’s cloud computing or advanced haptics, Turpalt and Tannen state that advancing technologies offer an opportunity for companies to improve their process and create holistically integrated products.

Beginning with “Drivers,” Turpault and Tannen look at current and emerging technologies that will influence product development, and challenge the limitations of traditional NPD processes. The presenters continued with an overview of a hybrid process that allows companies to seamlessly integrate User Interface (UI) and Industrial Design (ID).  Dr. Tannen wrapped up the presentation by explaining the 9 steps for integrating design processes.


If you would like to learn more about this process or would like a private screening for your colleagues, please contact Monique Curry at or by calling 215.209.3057.


View a recording of the presentation Integrating User Interface Design into the New Product Development Process



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