Optimizing NPD Processes to Build Fierce Brand Loyalty

Multi Sensory Brand Language

People and technology are becoming more and more connected. At the same time product and brand experiences are becoming less reliant on traditional physical features and controls. As these traditional tools that designers and brand managers have relied on are affected by new technology, what’s the best way to ensure branding impact?

Bresslergroup’s Mathieu Turpault and Rob Tannen, PhD tackled this very topic during a recent DMI webinar, entitled “Design process change improves brand experience? Optimize user experience by merging UI and ID processes.” Turpault, Director of Design and Tannen, Director of Research and Interaction described a multifaceted palette built around the multi-sensory capabilities of the human body. But according to Dr. Tannen, “optimizing the user experience to leverage these capabilities is limited by traditional NPD processes and skillsets.”

Multi Sensory Brand Language Development

Tannen and Turpault then shared with the audience emerging technologies and new process approaches that can help organizations “expand their toolbox and take full advantage of enhanced branding opportunities.” Both Turpault and Tannen stress “utilizing these tools throughout the development cycle creates true product differentiation and cultivates fierce brand loyalty.”

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