Patents Unlocked - Creating Freedom to Operate for Medical Product Developers

Patents Unlocked! Creating Freedom to Operate for Medical Device Developers

A highlight of MDMEast's 2012 conference was Bresslergroup's "Patents Unlocked! Creating Freedom to Operate for Medical Device Developers". We were also invited to host an encore webinar on June 27th.

As technology is increasingly changing the development landscape, medical device manufacturers and OEMs are faced with escalating global competition and formidable patent obstacles.  Patents Unlocked, presented by Dave, Schiff, Bresslergroup's Director of Engineering showed attendees how to create freedom to operate in this competitive space.

Dave began his presentation by discussing how companies can effectively evaluate competitive claims, identify and avoid risks. He then shared Bresslergroup's proprietary process for ideating and developing novel concepts. And through case studies Dave demonstrated how to turn an overwhelming stack of IP obstacles into opportunities for non infringing ideas and new IP. 

Dave detailed a process for extending existing IP by developing "patent fences". This process is especially effective during patent pending periods during which design teams can ideate as if they're competitors and develop novel ways to work around pending IP. Bresslergroup has been successful in past projects delivering additional ipatentable ideas to make competitive patent barriers even stronger. 

Throughout the presentation Dave also pressed the need for and best practices of collaborating with patent attorney – highlighting communication as one of the keys to maximizing IP protection.

If you would like to schedule a follow-up discussion with Dave and / or a private screening for your colleagues, please contact Monique Curry at or by calling 215.209.3057.

You can also view a recording of the presentation.

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