Building Brands: Research

From the start of our relationship with VIDAR, research, design and engineering have worked as a true team. Working cross functionally results in great products, and also makes the relationship more efficient. For example, the learning process is continual and shared, and as such VIDAR doesn’t have to pay Bresslergroup to come up to speed on core issues. In fact, our development team still benefits from the original research conducted when we started the VXR project more than ten years ago. Of course we’ve continue to talk to customers and track changes in market dynamics. But continuity gives our product development team the ability to quickly identify issues leading to rapid execution. As part of the VXR project we explored the environment of use through site visits, interviews and secondary source research. Anthropomorphics and x-ray handling procedures were also studied. Based on this research we proposed minimal footprint as a top priority. Understanding market drivers continues to move the development team toward smaller more flexible devices like the Sierra, which is now light enough to mount on a wall. New inputs during the Sierra development process included focus on international customers, many of whom have been able to afford the technology for the first time.