Design & Innovation Strategy

Companies who excel at bringing innovative products to market have a powerful competitive advantage. 

At Bresslergroup, Design & Innovation Strategy asks and answers the questions that reveal your best path to innovation. Understanding your goals, customers, strengths, and opportunities is a critical first step in your product innovation strategy.

What are your goals?

Clients come to us with goals that range from targeted to open-ended. Maybe you’ve developed or acquired new technology (read more about Technology-Based Innovation) that you need help integrating into a product consumers will easily adopt. This goal drives a different strategy from that of a client who wants to lean on core strengths to launch into new product categories. Successful business strategies follow the clear articulation and understanding of business objectives.

What do your customers think?

Finding the right problems to solve for your customers is a crucial step toward innovation. Research into customer insights reveals why and where customers are struggling with existing products. This can begin to hint at real opportunities. (Read more about Design & User Research.)

What are your strengths?

Competitive benchmarking, brand extension research, and Five Forces Analysis are some of the tools we use to understand your most valuable assets. Your internal strengths might include your brand, proprietary technology, manufacturing partnerships, familiarity with your customers and their needs, or some other resource that differentiates you from competitors. 

Where might technology fit in?

What technologies are becoming smaller, less expensive, and more readily available to solve problems in new ways? How can your existing technology be adapted to another product category? Which technology is the best fit to enable a particular customer task or outcome? Surveying the current and emerging technology landscape for opportunities gives us the information we need to help you chart your next steps.

Framework for Growth

Developing and launching new products can be a risky venture, but our proven process removes the risk. When we begin by understanding your goals, customers, strengths, and opportunities, we can focus your innovation efforts and position you for success.

Design & Innovation Strategy sends you down the path to well-targeted and well-executed innovation. The next steps in your innovation roadmap might include a new branding strategy (Product Brand Language), a disruptive product experience (Digital-Physical Design), or integration of emerging technology (Technology-Based Innovation). The best way to start is with a conversation.

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