Expertise / Interaction Design / User Interface Design

User interface design is a fast-moving discipline, with new types emerging as new technologies become available for consumer and commercial products. Graphical user interface (GUI) refers to the graphical elements on a two-dimensional screen; and physical user interface to the operable parts of a technology-embedded object. (The keypad and card slot on an ATM are part of that product's "physical interface.") There is also natural user interface and gestural user interface, discussed later in this expertise section. The goal of all of the above is to make the interaction between a person and a product as easy and intuitive as possible.

Bresslergroup's experience in user interface design ranges across many product categories and industries. We've created interactive experiences for medical systems to touch screen appliances, and mobile GPS navigation devices to websites. Our priority is to use the right technology, be it digital or physical, to create the best experience that also aligns with our client's brand message and values. 

Our teams have a unique process for developing user interface and industrial design solutions in tandem. Read about how we integrate interaction and industrial design.