June 12, 2017

Seth GaleWyrick To Speak at IDSA International 2017

Seth GaleWyrick has been invited to be a Rapid Fire Speaker this August at the IDSA International Design Conference 2017: Design IS Business.

As the conference organizers write, ” … the business world is taking note of the strategic advantage brought by industrial design to the table. The world’s most innovative companies are declaring solidarity with design—reserving a seat on the board for a chief design officer; assimilating design strategy; or making room for design to influence business strategy significantly.”

Seth’s talk, “Biomimicry for Innovation: Good for Business & Good for the Planet,” will examine one of the greatest and most overlooked opportunities for businesses interested in innovation: life. Biomimicry contains the keys to unlocking boundary-breaking design. Elegant solutions have been evolving throughout 3.8 billion years of “R&D” if designers just learn to ask the right questions and listen to the answers.

In addition to his 14 years of consulting experience, Seth is a student in the first ever Masters in Biomimicry program at Arizona State. He was also hand-selected for a prestigious two-year professional fellowship taught by the founders of the field. He is excited to share his passion for biomimicry with the audience at IDSA International. 

About IDSA

Founded in 1965, the nonprofit Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) is one of the oldest and largest membership associations for industrial design professionals. It hosts events including an annual International Design Conference, five District Design Conferences and niche conferences, bringing together some of the biggest names and brightest minds in industrial design and related fields.  Registration is open for the IDSA’s 2017 International Design Conference.