Rob Tannen Discusses Apple Design and Innovation on Bloomberg TV

Director of Research and Interaction Design Rob Tannen appeared on Bloomberg TV's Market Makers the day after the 2013 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference keynote revealing the new iOS 7 user interface. The co-hosts asked Tannen to discuss the present and future of Apple design. He cited the company's game-changing Mac Pro Desktop as evidence Apple has not lost its edge.

Pick Your Potion - Interaction Design Through Mixology

Interaction Design Through Mixology
Mixology is very similar to interaction design. Both involve iterating around a concept, trial and error to find the best taste, best design for the end user. On August 28th, Bresslergroup’s Interaction Designer and in-house mixologist, David Farkas, will be giving IxDA- DC tips on how to make a good drink while creating awesome interaction designs.

Interaction Design

GUI design is part of Bresslergroup's interaction design expertise. We work to create the most user-friendly interfaces in our products.
When it comes to usability testing for new applications, Bresslergroup knows the approaches to evaluating and comparing them effectively.

Paving the Way for Another 40 Years of Innovation

Paving the Way for Another 40 Years of Innovation

Over the past 40 years, Bresslergroup has grown into an internationally recognized product development firm. With the dedication and hard work of our team, 2011 was one of our most successful years. We have grown in staff size, clientele, awards, and revenue. We’ve had the opportunity to work on some game-changing products...