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Aaron Pavkov
Director of Mechanical Engineering

Aaron is a self-described “passionate design thinker, cleverly disguised as a mild-mannered engineer.”

He has always enjoyed solving problems. As a boy, he loved building with Legos, Construx, and Erector Sets. In high school he gravitated toward math and science, and someone told him he should be an engineer. To which he replied, “What’s an engineer?” He soon found out as an undergrad at Carnegie Mellon, where he earned a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering.

After college Aaron savored the technical challenges in the work he was doing for the defense, energy, and manufacturing industries, but he felt he wanted something different. He remembered taking an Integrated Product Development course as an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon and realized that was the direction he needed to go. He went back for his Masters in Product Development, which marked a positive turning point in his career.

Aaron’s passion for integrated thinking and his holistic grasp of design, technology, engineering, and business make him a perfect fit for Bresslergroup, where he works in and leads interdisciplinary teams to drive innovation for our clients. His favorite project in his career so far has been leading the development team at 4Moms to launch the rockaRoo infant swing seat, recipient of a Red Dot Award. “I grew the most professionally through the project,” he says. “And my newborn son loved it!”

Outside of work Aaron spends time with his wife and their four sons. In his scant free time, he runs marathons. He grew up in rural Kansas and recently moved to Philly from Pittsburgh.

Favorite all-time product: Probably the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) because of the amazing experiences and the worlds that it opens up. I imagine VR will have an even greater impact on the current generation. What are you most curious about? Everything. Finish this sentence: Design is... ... the fusion of creativity and problem-solving.