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Aditi Singh
Senior User Researcher

The word "Aditi" has its origin in Hindi and means "boundless." True to her name, Aditi does not hold back when it comes to learning and experimenting. Her guiding star is her desire to design solutions that have a positive impact on the world.

Aditi discovered during a college internship how much she likes talking to people to learn about their pain points and needs. This, combined with her strong technical background and interdisciplinary mindset, has led to a career developing product solutions for a wide range of users, from nuclear power plant operators to Directors of Pharmacy.

She enjoys the constant opportunities provided by product design to explore and create, as well as the opportunity to work with smart people across disciplines who are motivated to bring out the best in the whole project team. Before coming to Bresslergroup, Aditi worked at BD where she was excited to design products that have a direct impact on patient care in hospitals across the U.S.

Aditi earned a Master’s of Science in Human Computer Interaction from the College of Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), with a minor in management; and an undergraduate degree from the Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology in India. She loves to try new things, so her hobbies are always changing — ask her what she’s into these days.

Finish this sentence: Design is ... ... all about the user. What are you most curious about? Self-driving cars. Any hidden talents? Baking and decorating cakes and cookies.