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Alana Clerkin
Project Manager

Alana loves how working in product design continually challenges the way she views and interacts with the world.

When Alana enrolled in the Tyler School of Art at Temple University, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she decided to major in painting. She later switched to product design in order to push her creativity in new ways.

Now, as a project manager at Bresslergroup, Alana helps keep projects organized and on track. She prioritizes communication and process, and she always comes to the table with actionable goals. Her three areas of expertise include client communication, project management, and creative problem solving.

Outside of work, Alana can be found playing with her Border Collie, drawing on her tablet with Procreate, listening to true-crime podcasts and audiobooks, watching scary movies, or baking.

What's your favorite all-time product? My heated blanket. It’s a necessity in my drafty apartment! If you could redesign anything, what would it be? My Pixel 3, so it didn’t have a glass back. Any hidden talents? I have a disturbingly double-jointed left hand that is great for party icebreakers.