Work With Us
Alex Visconti
Senior User Researcher

Alex loves learning — her curiosity and overall eagerness to play the role of sponge serve her well in the work of research.

She also delights in working through the chaos revealed by research — her favorite part of the process is pulling information from different sources into a cohesive, streamlined story to inform the next design step.

Alex first became aware of user research during a studio class at University of the Arts where she used ethnographic methods to understand the daily routines of nurses. Since grad school she has gained experience conducting research to drive strategy for digital products and services for consumers. At Bresslergroup she sets up and conducts research studies, and analyzes and presents the findings to help clients identify opportunities and generate innovative solutions.

Alex earned a BA in Visual Media, Studio Art from American University and a Master of Industrial Design from University of the Arts. She has recently taken up sewing and is currently on a mission to visit all the major national parks in the United States. (Ask her how many she’s been to.) She also keeps busy outside of work as co-founder and organizer of Philly’s Ladies That UX.

What's your favorite all-time product? My glasses. If you could redesign anything, what would it be? The whole subway experience — the train cars, the smells, the sounds, the payment system. ... What are you most curious about? How people's brains work and how two people from the same environment can respond so differently to the same situation.