Work With Us
Annie Deng
Industrial Designer

Annie first knew she wanted to do something creative when her dad taught her how to paint Chinese watercolors. His early encouragement of her “illegible scribbles” sparked her eventual interest in design.

She’s happy her father nudged her toward an environment that demands open-mindedness and curiosity. She appreciates that design is less about the designer than it is about the user — day-to-day work brings opportunities to learn about and empathize with different types of people. To design something that truly impacts users, a designer needs to be selfless and willing to leave her comfort zone.

Annie has come a long way from scribbles. At Bresslergroup, she helps communicate ideas visually using sketches, renderings, storyboards, form development, and CAD in order to help clients understand how a product will be used. She is happy to have transitioned from intern to full-time industrial designer at a place where constant collaboration with people from different disciplines and backgrounds leads to unexpected ideas.

Annie moved to Philly after earning a BDes in Industrial Design from the University of Washington. Outside of work you’ll find her exploring video games’ fantastical, imaginative worlds and reading Haruki Murakami novels.

What's your favorite product, and why? Muji's PP boxes, because of their simple modularity and almost invisible attention to detail. Finish this sentence: Design is ... ... transparent. What are you most curious about? The future of video games.