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Ben Bernstein
Electromechanical Engineer

Ben has contributed to everything from legged robots to wearable medical devices, musical instruments, and tasers.

At Bresslergroup, Ben is responsible for the mechanical design of various consumer product components, and he’s always ready to brainstorm solutions to clients’ technical issues. Ben’s design philosophy is short and sweet: simplicity is key, and he embraces the need to be both analytical and scientific, as well as creative and clever.

Before joining Bresslergroup, Ben helped Axon develop a training probe system for its TASER 7; aided Fender Guitars in tooling design, process documentation, and time studies; and worked with KOD*LAB to build a small, legged robot. He was also part of the team that developed LifeWatch, a wearable epinephrine auto-injector for people with anaphylactic allergies. He helped to miniaturize the internal components to fit into the watch-like device and helped develop a reliable mechanism users could trust.

Ben earned both his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and his Master’s in Robotics from the University of Pennsylvania. Outside of work, he enjoys Web development, playing guitar, longboarding around the city, and watching the Eagles.

What's your favorite all-time product? The iPhone. It sparked a revolution in how people access information, communicate, and spend their time. If you could redesign anything, what would it be? Spray-paint applicators, to precisely mix colors to generate any paint tone. Finish this sentence: Design is... … unnoticed when done correctly.