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Brian O'Connor
Software Engineering Manager

Brian may be a software engineer, but he loves working with other disciplines.

At Bresslergroup, Brian works closely with the interaction design and electrical engineering teams to design and create software, from prototype to production, that runs on devices, phones, and in the cloud in the form of embedded software, web applications, APIs, and mobile applications. He believes products should always be living, evolving, and improving.

Brian earned his bachelor’s in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. He has worked for large companies such as Deloitte and Slalom and has served clients including Goldman Sachs, FDIC, State of Louisiana, Coca-Cola, AT&T, and The Home Depot.

Brian loves trying new technology and spends a lot of his free time dissecting how various components work. On the side, he blends his technical abilities with his affinity for microbrews as a part-owner and IT lead for True Respite Brewing Company. Outside of work, you might also find him playing guitar or hockey, or exploring Philly with his wife and their dog.

What's your favorite all-time product? The August Smart Lock and Radix One slim wallet. Both have drastically reduced what I carry daily. Finish this sentence: Design is ... … best if unnoticed by the consumer. Any hidden talents? I played guitar in a band for 4 years and even spent a few months touring.