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Brian Weingarth
Mechanical Engineer

For Brian, mechanical engineering is a way to reconcile seemingly disparate interests: math and science, art and design.

Brian earned his Bachelor’s in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. He viewed aerospace engineering as an opportunity to gain big-picture, system-level design experience and mechanical engineering as a more detail-oriented approach. The combination serves him well at Bresslergroup, where he’s involved in every step of the mechanical design process — from ideation to prototyping, testing, manufacturing, and analysis.

Brian sees engineering as a platform for impact; it’s all about figuring out how to take innovative ideas from concept to reality. He loves the challenges inherent in bringing new ideas to market or rethinking existing systems, and he’s always looking for the simplest way to solve complex problems.

In his free time, Weingarth values staying active and trying new things. He loves playing sports of any kind and is a loyal fan of the Cleveland Indians, Browns, and Cavs.

If you could redesign anything, what would it be? the Interstate Highway System Finish this sentence: Design is ... ... an opportunity to bring greater meaning to objects and experiences. Any hidden talents? A pretty decent jump shot.