Work With Us
Carter Biviano
Mechanical Engineer

Carter thinks of projects as big 3D puzzles. Play is what drew him into engineering.

His high school had a STEM program with lots of toys — he was able to learn basic CAD, 3D printing, and laser cutting in a fun environment alongside friends. He knew then that mechanical engineering would be a fulfilling career.

Carter is always try to grow his knowledge base, seeking out new experiences and technologies that can solve the problems at hand. How best to use 3D printing technologies for protoyping? How to design plastic and sheet metal parts for handling and facilitating paper money payments? These are some questions he’s enjoyed solving recently.

At Bresslergroup, he’s responsible for guiding clients through the engineering design process. His goal is always to provide designs that balance cost, robustness, and functionality, while meeting everyone’s expectations. Outside of work, Carter can be found listening to podcasts, indoor rock climbing, trying new foods, and reading. Carter has a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University.

What’s your favorite all-time product? Wireless earbuds. I think I use them more than any other product in my daily life. If you could redesign anything, what would it be? Reusable plastic sandwich bags. I wish they were easier to use and clean. FINISH THIS SENTENCE: DESIGN IS… … an opportunity to improve the world, a product, or an experience.