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Chris Marks
Principal Mechanical Engineer

Chris’s design philosophy is simple: a successful design should solve a problem so simply and elegantly that it seems implausible to solve that problem any other way.

As a mechanical engineer, Chris works on every phase of development, but the ideation phase is by far his favorite. He takes pride in helping clients move from a fuzzy idea for a product to a more cohesive vision, and he never gets tired of seeing a new concept grow out of a brainstorming session. He’s worked on teams of vastly different scales and knows that even four-person startups can create products that save lives — like the optical natural gas detector he helped create.

At Bresslergroup, Chris specializes in designing complex components, optical simulation, design for high-run injection molding, and prototyping and fabricating early concepts. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Point Park University.

When he’s not at work, Chris spends most of his free time outside. He can be found hiking, camping, and biking. He also has a passion for photography and a budding interest in woodworking projects around the house.

What's your favorite all-time product? The Joule Sous-Vide cooker or the French Press. I’m a total foodie and appreciate their elegant design. If you could redesign anything, what would it be? The umbrella. Finish this sentence: Design is... … transforming ideas into reality in order to improve lives.