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Chris Murray
Director of Industrial Design

With nearly 30 years of experience managing projects for design agencies and large corporations including Black & Decker and Philips Electronics, Chris has seen how design and innovation work from both sides — and from both sides of the Atlantic.

This expertise helps him help clients articulate objectives, clearly communicate goals to his design team, and generally get the best out of everyone. He excels at extracting actionable direction from the fuzzy stuff. That’s why he leads many of our projects involving front-end user research and brainstorming. 

Chris oversees our industrial design work, leading teams of designers and engineers on client projects across various industries, including consumer electronics, industrial equipment, household appliances, and medical products. He writes and presents about front-end user research, product innovation strategy, design and innovation direction, and engineering and manufacturing implementation. 

He earned a BA in Industrial Design at the Central School of Art & Design (London).

What's your favorite all-time product? Sigg Firejet Stove What would you be doing if you weren't a designer? Marine biologist Finish this sentence: Design is ... ... simplifying man-made change.