Work With Us
Christian Kasilag
Mechanical Engineer

Christian realized early on that a career in mechanical engineering would let him build on his fondness for Legos and K’Nex.

He became interested in product design when his favorite college professor gave his class an assignment to “design something that makes you happy.” He created a laser-cut bowl using SolidWorks, and it was one of his first engineering projects where appearance really mattered. That’s when it clicked: product design is the perfect way to unite his loves of engineering, design, and art.

Christian’s work at Bresslergroup encompasses the ideation and design of mechanisms, development of CAD models, and rapid fabrication of mechanical mockups. He appreciates the opportunity to gain a little more understanding every day of how the physical world works by being exposed to complex problems and working through them.

Christian earned a combined BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Outside of work he likes listening to film scores, painting digitally, and watching movies — favorites include Good Will Hunting and anything by Miyazaki. He also continues to design laser-cut pieces — mainly sculptures with pieces that interlock, without any need for glue or fasteners.

What would you be if you weren’t an engineer? A video game designer. What are you most curious about? How to make the best saag paneer. Any hidden talents? I’m an excellent Jenga player.