Work With Us
Christopher Kim, MD
Director of Human Factors and Usability

As an MD, Chris has an insider's perspective on what it takes to create a successful medical device.

At Bresslergroup, Chris is responsible for medical device-related user research. It’s his medical background that taught him the importance of user research. Eight years ago, Chris worked on the R&D of a device that looked gorgeous, but when his team put it in the hands of users, they couldn’t find the power button. That “aha” moment taught Chris the value of conducting user research early and often.

Chris earned his doctor of medicine, as well as his bachelor’s in biology and music, from the University of Pennsylvania, and he spent nearly nine years as Penn Medicine’s sleep medicine research and development director. Chris’s medical background gives him a helpful analytical framework — similar skills are required to determine the root cause of a use event and to find a diagnosis.

When Chris isn’t working, he’s likely playing golf, teaching an indoor cycling class, or spending time with his family.

If you could redesign anything, what would it be? I'd redesign CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) masks. Used to treat sleep apnea, these masks are generally uncomfortable and cumbersome to wear. I know there's a better solution out there. What are you most curious about? The infinite nature of music. Any hidden talents? Twice a week I morph into an indoor cycling coach.