Work With Us
Dan Marcq Jr.
Director of Electrical Engineering

When Dan was five years old, he took apart his Nintendo controller to see what was inside. The experience sparked his fascination with engineering.

At Bresslergroup, Dan directs the Electrical Engineering team, ensuring that clients receive projects on time and that they are fully satisfied with the outcome. He understands the many facets of product development and is fluent in many languages — including C, C#, C++, JAVA and SQL databases — thanks to his eleven years of experience as a hardware engineer, firmware engineer, and software systems design engineer. Dan earned his master’s degree in engineering management from Drexel University, and he holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from UMass Amherst.

Dan loves the challenge of a new project and the satisfaction of achieving a tight timeline. He’s excited by the variety of project types Bresslergroup takes on and the speed of delivery. His favorite project to-date is the first product he worked on as an engineer, a Lutron wireless occupancy sensor.

Outside of work, you’ll find Dan spending time with his wife, friends, and dog, or possibly reading about space and the latest NASA mission.

What's your favorite all-time product? The leaf blower. My house is surrounded by beautiful trees. Without a leaf blower, I’d be buried. Finish this sentence: Design is... … the art of making a dream a reality. Any hidden talents? I love to sketch and would like to make a short comic.