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Dan Pfautz
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Dan's early, obsessive love of LEGOs sent him down the design engineering path. Even back then, there were signs of a strong sense of pragmatism and passion for technical problem-solving. 

At Bresslergroup, Dan often takes on the role of project manager, meaning he’s typically involved from the initial definition phase all the way through to manufacturing handoff and quality control. Working alongside our industrial and interaction designers, he has frequent opportunities to exercise his knowledge and appreciation of product design — he aims to keep a product as true to the designers’ vision as possible while making sure it functions as needed. 

Dan has experience in consumer and commercial electronics and an educational background in engineering and industrial design — he earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering and BA in Product Design from Lehigh University.

What's your all-time favorite product? Leatherman What would you be if you weren't an engineer? I'd build houses. Finish this sentence: Design is ... ... (the more attractive) half of what makes engineering fun.