Work With Us
Dani Feldman
Mechanical Engineer, Program Manager

Dani got hooked on engineering when she joined the robotics team of her high school's Science Olympiad.

She loved learning how to build something from nothing, and she still savors working on a design from start to finish. Dani’s fondness for impossible design challenges and her “keep it simple” design ethos make her a perfect fit for Bresslergroup.

Before landing here, Dani earned a BS and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and gained experience — and a patent — working in the semiconductor and healthcare industries. She keeps busy outside of work with CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, hiking, and running. She has been drawing, painting, and taking photographs for as long as she can remember.

What's your favorite product, and why? The Paderno Spiralizer — it's cost-efficient, durable, and user friendly. If you could redesign anything, what would it be? A smartphone armband for running. The current designs are clunky and hard to use. What are you most curious about? Electro-mechanical interfaces and the interaction between electrical and mechanical components.