Work With Us
Daniel Massam
Industrial Design Manager

Some industrial designers find their industry niche and stay in it for years. Others prefer a bit more variety. Dan falls into the second category.

During a career managing projects in the commercial, medical, and defense sectors, he has spent significant time embedded in a range of specialized environments in the name of design research. These include operating theaters, Pararescue training, and behind-the-scenes at airport security. He holds patents on products as diverse as body armor, liposuction equipment, and recoil pads. 

We like variety at Bresslergroup, too, and we’re happy to have Dan on our ID team. He’s proud of his product ideation and brainstorming skills, and he puts them to use with clients through the entire design process, from generating concepts and defining aesthetic direction to sweating out the details throughout development. To Dan, the most satisfying part of industrial design is that when your team does a good job, you can share it with thousands of other people. 

Dan has a BS in Industrial Design from Arizona State University. In his off hours, he likes to mountain bike and fight Nerf wars with his three sons.

What's your all-time favorite product? Lancia Stratos What would you be if you weren't a designer? Film director Finish this sentence: Design is ... ... the path to product enlightenment.