Work With Us
Erol Searfoss
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Erol became an engineer to make things better. Also, to play with toys.

The most memorable project of his career so far has been designing and implementing the shaking mechanism for the head of a giant bobble-head dog. Before coming to Bresslergroup he worked for eight years at a design and engineering consultancy in New York where he developed some tricks for getting up to speed quickly in a new product space. Every project is different, but there are often similarities and methods or ideas that can be reused or tweaked for a new application. 

Erol earned a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University. At Bresslergroup he contributes to the mechanical design and engineering of a wide range of projects, working in many phases — from early concept generation, lab testing, component specification, proof of concept prototypes, and CAD to design for manufacturing. Outside of work you’ll find him reading, experiencing nature, playing soccer, white water rafting, and doing carpentry.

Favorite all-time product: BioLite CampStove Any hidden talents? Doing the limbo. Finish this sentence: Design is... ... continuous improvement.