Work With Us
Evan Aamodt
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Evan’s love for making cardboard cars, trucks, and boats as a kid led him to a career in engineering.

Decades later, he’s making his own skateboard trucks and rebuilding motorcycles. Plus he’s designing medical devices, like a stent deployment handle meant to increase reliability and prevent misuse, and other critical products.

At Bresslergroup, Evan works on everything from concept generation to product implementation. He specializes in mechanism design, parametric surfacing, and machining strategy, as well as injection molding and CNC machining. He is endlessly curious about new manufacturing techniques and driven by the philosophy that there is no substitute for quality.

Evan earned a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University, where he also earned dual bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering and integrated business and engineering. His product design experience spans several industries, including medical devices, sporting goods, office supplies, and tools.

Outside of work, Evan can be found running his side business Valkyrie Truck Co., which makes downhill skateboard trucks, programming and running CNC mills to machine parts for personal projects, and working on the ‘81 KZ440 motorcycle he rebuilt.

What’s your favorite all-time product? Impact drivers—they’ve always struck me as an elegant solution If you could redesign anything, what would it be? Wheelchairs and accessories for folks with disabilities FINISH THIS SENTENCE: DESIGN IS… … always evolving.