Work With Us
Ian Adam
Firmware Engineering Manager

“People in other professions get to shape the world we live in, but engineers get to design the world we live in.”

Ian appreciates this unique privilege of designing the products and utilities we use every day. He always tries to find the simplest solution to an engineering problem. His advice: If the problem you are trying to solve seems impossible, you haven’t broken it into small enough parts.

At Bresslergroup, Ian imagines and writes the software that brings electronic products to life. He works with clients to figure out how to make their electronic and software systems work. His top three areas of expertise are low-level microcontroller programming, data analysis and systems programming, and algorithm design.

Ian earned his BS and Masters degrees in Biomedical Engineering, with a concentration in medical devices and imaging, from Drexel University. Before coming to Bresslergroup, he worked as an engineer for a few startups and small companies developing novel medical and nanotechnological devices. Ian spends his free time making the kinds of things he doesn’t have a chance to make at work, like chocolate cakes and electric ukuleles.

What’s your favorite all-time product? Smart phones. It’s humbling to carry around the fruits of labor of engineers whose skills I aspire to rival. Do you have a favorite personal project? I worked on a few internet games in high school that were probably the pinnacle of my foray into the artistic world. Any hidden talents? I can yo-yo embarrassingly well, and I can make a better chocolate cake than most grandmothers.