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Jerry Iannelli
Director of Electrical Engineering

In high school, Jerry was delighted to discover engineering — a career choice that aligned with his curious nature and his habit of taking things apart and fixing them.

He has since gained deep experience leading multidisciplinary technical accomplishments across a range of industries — from commercial start-ups to large corporations — and product categories. He is equally comfortable at the uppermost systems and I/O interface levels down to ICs, device physics, and radio communications. His favorite project so far has been helping to start the company that developed the Songbird Disposable Hearing Aid, an inexpensive and sophisticated device whose performance rivals that of its pricey competitors.

At Bresslergroup, Jerry helps lead the Electrical Engineering team in the areas of business development, resource management, and technical direction. His appetite for solving difficult problems and his appreciation for learning new applications make him a great fit here, as he’s frequently dealing with complex challenges and emerging technologies.

Jerry is a graduate of Central High and Drexel University, where he earned BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering. He is a certified PMP (Project Management Professional). When he’s not at work, he likes to travel, ride his motorcycle, and, yes, he still makes a habit of taking things (cars) apart and putting them back together.

What's your favorite all-time product, and why? Ferraris. They're the ultimate blend of art, science, and speed. If you could redesign anything, what would it be? The gear shifter/transmission on a motorcycle. It's a relic with a user interface that's ripe for a redesign. Finish this sentence. Design is ... ... a serendipitous blending of art, science, and expertise.