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Jim Wise
Senior Embedded Developer

As a second generation engineer, Jim considers his career practically preordained.

Like many of his peers, he enjoys figuring out how to make things work. He considers embedded development to be a creative outlet.  At Bresslergroup, Jim works with the rest of the Electrical Engineering team to define and create cost-effective hardware and software sub-systems that complement clients’ product visions.

Throughout his career, Jim has helped usher many types of products through all aspects of the development life cycle. He is especially well-versed in the re-invention of legacy designs using the latest technologies and in integrating and diagnosing cross-platform technologies, interfaces, and equipment.

Jim studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan and Penn State University. He has worked as a design engineer in a range of industries, including office equipment, medical, telecom, process control, and digital media delivery. It makes him proud to look back on products he has helped develop that impact everyday lives. One of his favorite projects was a baby monitor that has played an important role in saving lives.

Outside of work you’ll find him spending time with family, following his favorite sports teams, and collecting hobbies, from faceting gemstones to genealogy research.

What's your favorite all-time product? I have a patented 1913 hand drill that belonged to my grandfather. It is nicely crafted, environmentally friendly, and it still works great! If you could redesign anything, what would it be? The tax system. Finish this sentence: Design is ... ... a challenge to entropy.