Work With Us
Josh Funamura
Principal Mechanical Engineer

Josh is an expert at fitting complex electromechanical solutions into tight spaces.

He honed those skills as a product design engineer at Apple, where he worked on a multitude of Mac and iPad products as part of the connector and battery module teams. More recently, he developed the intricate gear train of an ambitious connected door lock at Otto.

At Bresslergroup, Josh specializes in mechanism concept generation, mechanical integration of electromechanical systems, and design for mass production. He loves drawing together disparate ideas, techniques, and experiences to create elegant and unexpected solutions. He believes the best products become unconscious extensions of ourselves.

Josh’s most impressive feat of engineering to date might be packing his family of three for their move to Philadelphia. They moved from the San Francisco Bay Area, where he earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering from UC Berkeley and spent nearly eleven years working as a product design engineer. They made it to Philly with just six perfectly max-size, max-weight checked bags, and nothing broke! It’s no wonder his favorite product is a travel accessory.

What's your favorite all-time product, and why? Eagle Creek's Pack-It Clean/Dirty Packing Cube — it revolutionized the way I travel. What are you most curious about? How things are made — we take a lot of the objects we use daily for granted, but so many people worked hard to make them possible! If you could redesign anything, what would it be? How people and goods move around cities.