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Kerry Brind'Amour
Research Field Manager

Kerry Brind'Amour walked into her first consumer focus group as a participant. She walked out with a new career.

Kerry went in thinking, “Sure, I’ll get paid to give my opinions for an hour.” Little did she know, she would become fascinated with market research and how it correlates to consumer behavior. She hasn’t looked back.

Today, Kerry loves to discover why people choose one product over another, to find the best respondents for each individual project, and to get results that clients may not have thought possible. She has experience in screener writing, recruitment design, and recruitment oversight, and she’s seen many different styles of interviewing put to use, from in-depth interviews and focus groups to usability testing, shop-alongs, eye-tracking, and more. For Kerry, the best part of the job is solving each project’s unique research puzzle.

Outside of Bresslergroup, you might find Kerry working on Sunday’s New York Times crossword or spot her cruising around the city on a motorcycle with Meatball, her Pomeranian.

What's your favorite all-time product? The fanny pack. Finish this sentence: Design is... … all around us. Any hidden talents? Singing Béyoncé covers as my clown alter-ego, Burrita Margarita.