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Kerry Guarino
Senior Mechanical Engineer, Senior Program Manager

As part of the engineering team, Kerry helps give shape to clients' products throughout the lifecycle.

Her childhood curiosity for how things worked led to a trail of disassembled products around her parent’s house and eventually to a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers University. She has since worked in various industries, most recently taking the lead in developing medical devices. Seeing the finished product — and knowing how far it has journeyed from its initial concept — is the most rewarding part of her job.

Kerry’s top areas of expertise besides mechanical engineering are project leadership and problem solving. She savors the challenge of finding elegant solutions to complex problems and values lifelong learning and open collaboration. When she’s not at work, she’s most likely working on her house, riding her bicycle along the Wissahickon, exploring Philly, or seeing local bands.

What are you most curious about? What technology will look like in ten years. Any hidden talents? Juggling. Finish this sentence: Design is … … what makes an ordinary object feel more personal.