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Kurt Dammermann
Senior Technical Director, Mechanical Engineering

Kurt appreciates why startups can be anxious and corporations can be cautious. He's been both the client and the consultant; "done the startup thing" and worked for major corporations, Apple included.

Always ahead of the pack, Kurt was part of the team that delivered iPods and the first iPhone, and was along for the ride as they skyrocketed in popularity. Long before Instagram and Snapchat, he helped LightSurf make cameras that work with cellphones and share images in real time. He’s most proud of the Astro Gaming A40 Gaming Headset and MixAmp — beautiful designs that were realized on a shoe string. Ten years later, versions of these gaming industry staples are still in production. In other words, he has a knack for pioneering products that become second nature.

Kurt has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in product design from Stanford. He launched his own consultancy, called Lime Lab, that did a lot of work with startups and also supported hardware startups through the accelerator, Highway1.

For Kurt, the best part of engineering is the thrill of committing to a great idea despite all sorts of challenges and unknowns. He brings his “by hook or by crook” design philosophy to Bresslergroup, where he is responsible for front-end technical content. He makes sure a design strategy can be wrangled into a prototype and knows that a great idea, with a little process and a lot of hard work, can actually change the way people live.

A West Coast surfer, skier, and backcountry camper, Kurt is still searching for his East Coast pastimes. In his free time, Kurt can be found working on his house — one hobby that has carried over.

Finish this sentence: Design is ... ... an epic adventure, if the project is ambitious enough. What's your favorite all-time product? I prefer prototypes over products. Prototypes are all potential and aspiration. Products are done, cooked. I prefer the half-baked. What are you most curious about? The invention that will make us abandon the internet like a broken fax machine.