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Lianne Griffin
Senior Human Factors Engineer

For Lianne, the most rewarding part of being a human factors and usability researcher is knowing that she’s helping to design something users need and want.

At Bresslergroup, Lianne is responsible for planning, executing, and reporting usability testing. She prides herself on being a great observer and listener, with a lot of patience and an always calm demeanor.

Lianne earned her Master of Biomedical Innovation and Development (MBID) from Georgia Institute of Technology, and her Bachelors of Science in Engineering Psychology and Human Factors Engineering at Tufts University. Her various degrees give her insight into how every decision she makes as a researcher will affect key stakeholders in different departments. 

Outside of work, Lianne can be found baking savory dishes and watching documentaries about anything and everything.

What’s your favorite all-time product? Plantains WHAT ARE YOU MOST CURIOUS ABOUT? Aircrafts Any hidden talents? Nail art