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Lindsey Cole
Account Manager

Lindsey comes to Bresslergroup with a wide range of experience.

She has applied her sales and business development expertise to various industries, including fashion, logistics, and renewable energy. The common thread has been creating meaningful relationships that translate into success for all parties. She’s excited to apply these talents to design, where she knows she will be contributing to endeavors that impact people.

Her favorite assignment so far was working with a diverse global team from five countries and different departments within a large organization to perform a study on the tracking procedures for more than 4,000 components of wind turbines. This was a departure from her typical team and activities. It started and ended with building relationships across teams and lots of learning.

Lindsey holds a BS in Accounting from Widener University. When she’s not at work, you’ll find her shopping and traveling — and eating her way through different cities and countries.

Favorite all-time product: Omega 8006 juicer. I’m an orange juice snob — if it’s not fresh squeezed, it doesn’t count. What are you most curious about? Ingredients. Finish this sentence: Design is... ... pushing boundaries to find where art, fashion, and function meet.