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Mark Clark
Account Manager

Mark likes to be mean to his stuff. Inanimate objects feel no pain, but they break if poorly designed, and break them Mark will — all in the name of engineering a better version, of course.

(When he was young, his family didn’t let him around new toys.) He likes to imagine other people doing the same to the products he’s creating — and he designs accordingly, always focusing on how people might use it and abuse it.

Mark’s been running projects for most of his career, interfacing with clients, engineers, designers, and manufacturers from concept through launch, mainly in the bio-med space. He does the same for Bresslergroup, where he applies his extensive experience avoiding pitfalls and finding creative ways to accelerate the process. Before joining us he spent six years focused on medical device design and project management for Acumed and Trice Medical. He finds the most rewarding part of his job to be when one of his products fits so well into a user’s flow, it seems as though it evolved naturally.

Mark earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University. When he’s not breaking stuff in unimaginable ways, he enjoys touring, mountain biking, tinkering, and adventuring around Portland, Oregon, where he heads up Bresslergroup’s Out West outpost.

What's your favorite all-time product? Santa Cruz Bronson MTB What would you be if hadn't gone into engineering? An explorer. Finish this sentence: Design is ... ... solving the users' needs with flair.