Work With Us
Matt Ambler
Director of Interaction Design

All the world's a stage ... when you're an interaction designer. Matt sees a lot of parallels between his role and an actor's.

He begins each project by finding out everything he can about the field and the user. Throughout the design process, he puts himself in the users’ shoes to imagine the challenges they’re facing and how to solve them simply and intuitively. He loves these opportunities to learn about a large variety of people and subjects — and to sate his curiosity about how people go about solving problems.

Matt spent some time in advertising before finding his real passion for user interface and interaction design. As Director of IxD, he is responsible for designing user interfaces and interactions that connect users with products and create unique experiences. His favorite part of the process is the prototyping phase, when each project begins to come to life.

Matt has a Bachelors in Advertising with a focus on Art Direction from Temple University, as well as a Print & Web Design Certificate from Moore College of Art and Design. Before joining us at Bresslergroup, he worked at The Neat Company and Comcast. In his free time you can find Matt riding motorcycles, rollerblading, playing music, and adding to his scarily large sneaker collection.

What's your favorite product, and why? The Aston Martin Vanquish (2nd generation), because it's the perfect example of good design. The car's proportions and details are impeccable. Finish this sentence: Design is ... ... the amalgamation of utility and art. Any hidden talents? I was a semi-professional, sponsored roller blader, and was featured in many magazines and videos sold worldwide.