Work With Us
Matt Selnick
Industrial Designer

Matt’s strong sense of system-level thinking gives him an empathetic approach and helps him navigate design challenges that involve many moving parts and stakeholders.

Matt’s first introduction to industrial design was learning about a ‘reverse bicycle’ that Philadelphia University students designed for a child with special needs who could not move his legs in the direction you would typically pedal a bicycle. This ability of industrial design to solve complex problems with out-of-the-box thinking drew Matt to the field.

At Bresslergroup, Matt is responsible for early project research, brainstorming, concept generation, and design support. He helps projects transition from concept generation to engineering, and from engineering into manufacturing. He helps clients understand the knowns and unknowns of projects and presents them with directions to consider. His areas of expertise include research and concept generation, CAD and 3D renderings and animations, rapid prototyping, and soft goods development.

Matt earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design at Thomas Jefferson University, where he was president of the university’s IDSA chapter, Student Merit Award Winner, and finalist for the Northeast District Conference in 2018. Outside of work, he can be found bouldering, working on personal design projects, reading, and getting involved in Philadelphia IDSA events. You might also spot him shooting film photography, watching F1, or skateboarding.

What’s your favorite all-time product? Apple’s iMac G3. It redefined the home computer, showed the art of the technology inside, and came with some great games! If you could redesign anything, what would it be? The way utilities are integrated and managed in our homes WHAT ARE YOU MOST CURIOUS ABOUT? Mechanisms, innovative technologies, and how we can build fair and sustainable ecosystems