Work With Us
Pat Brandon
Principal Mechanical Engineer

Pat has a claim to fame — he helped develop an antenna that’s currently in use on the International Space Station.

But that wasn’t his favorite project. That would be Olive, a wearable device whose biological sensors measure human stress response to provide real-time coaching. Pat co-founded this startup with classmates at the University of Pennsylvania. Leading hardware design for the small, agile team, he got to use his technical skills as well as his user experience expertise to help develop a product that would positively impact peoples’ lives.

This is why he went into engineering — to apply technical knowledge in creative ways, and to realize life-improving ideas. At Bresslergroup he helps clients with early-stage product definition through later-stage execution. He feels at home here, where everyone is similarly preoccupied with balancing technical solutions with user experience.

Pat earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a MSE in Integrated Product Design from the University of Pennsylvania. When he’s not at work, you’ll find him outdoors and most likely running, mountain biking, or hiking.

What's your favorite all-time product? Parker Jotter Pen. I've had the same one for nearly 15 years — it's refillable and always dependable. What are you most curious about? Urban planning and how cities will evolve over time. Any hidden talents? I've perfected a recipe for beer-battered fish tacos.