Work With Us
Paul Petri
Model Shop Manager

A lifelong maker and tinkerer, Paul considers himself a fabrication expert.

After studying industrial design and sculpture, Paul created a hybrid career as a designer and model maker. He has spent the past 25 years honing his skills and thinking of ways to improve nearly every product he gets his hands on.

Today, Paul runs Bresslergroup’s model shop, where he uses 3D printing, sculpture, cast, laser cut, and other tricks to bring digital designs to machined reality. He understands the capabilities of modern manufacturing and replicates what’s possible on a model-scale.

Paul has a Bachelors Degree in Industrial and Product Design from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, but he says he’s always been a maker. He grew up in a rural setting, worked on a farm, built residential homes, learned about cars and motorcycles, and served in the Military. College helped formalize what has always come naturally to Paul.

When he’s not at work, Paul can be found spending time outside with his family. He keeps busy in his garage, where he works on pre-1950s motorcycles, pre-1972 vehicles, and other side projects. He also has a personal music studio complete with different instruments, microphones, and amps, but don’t expect to find him playing music publicly — it’s just for himself and his family.

What’s your favorite all-time product? The Clapper. It’s addictive. FINISH THIS SENTENCE: DESIGN IS… … improvement. WHAT ARE YOU MOST CURIOUS ABOUT? Magic and why I can’t just do it — like BAM!