Work With Us
Pete Wisber
Interaction Design Manager

Pete's lifelong interest in art, sculpture, and mechanics sent him down the path of industrial and interaction design.

As Interaction Design Manager, Pete enjoys the challenge of balancing the physical and digital space, while contributing to the creation of new products that could send ripples into the future. At Bresslergroup, Pete works closely with the research, industrial design, and software engineering teams to ensure that each product we craft provides a seamless user experience.

Pete has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Interaction Design from Syracuse University, and he has worked in several different disciplines, including manufacturing, electrical design, industrial design, and UX/UI design. His areas of expertise include prototyping interfaces, user interface design, and content strategy, and his design philosophy is rooted in value and durability.

Outside of work, Pete is most likely getting into hijinks with his two sons, playing with vintage RC toys, or tinkering around the house.

What's your favorite all-time product? The Team Associated RC10. It was a bulletproof RC car in its day, and you could upgrade, swap, or replace any part. If you could redesign anything, what would it be? The Neti Pot. I empathize with chronic sinus suffers. Any hidden talents? I have a private pilot license so I enjoy taking brave folks for joy rides!