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Shaun Burley
Interaction Designer

Shaun Burley favors "many-box thinking" over "thinking outside the box." He likes borrowing ideas from one domain to apply to another.

Shaun certainly has interesting boxes to pull from. Before pursuing user experience and interaction design, he served as Principal Clarinet of the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra. His background in classical music and music performance taught him the power of creating delightful experiences and the ability to focus on small details while keeping the output of a larger ensemble in mind.

Shaun also has international experience to draw on. He traveled across China with the Orchestra and lived there as an au pair and English tutor, which gave him an appreciation for cultural differences around the use of technology.

At Bresslergroup Shaun is excited to design technology that works for people and not the other way around. He got into this field to design the future he wants to live in — a future where intuitive and effective interfaces are built to enhance the user’s world, rather than distract from it.

Shaun earned a Bachelor of Music from DePaul University and a Masters in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University. When he’s in his home state, Colorado, he likes to ski and climb mountains. In Philly, you might find him on a dance floor, exploring the neighborhoods in his new city by bicycle, and playing music.

What's your favorite all-time product, and why? LEGOs. Definitely LEGOs. When you can't find the brick you're looking for, you're forced to improvise and that always leads to superior creations! Finish this sentence: Design is ... ... a conversation. What are you most curious about? Why the whole world measures time in seconds, minutes, and hours.