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Talia Serrecchia
Manager of Human Factors Engineering

As Manager of Human Factors Engineering, Talia helps clients bring safe, effective, intuitive medical devices to market.

After years of leading pharmaceutical clinical trial research, Talia transitioned to medical device usability research. Her combined experience in clinical research, medical device development, risk management, and US regulatory strategy provides a unique perspective during medical device development.

At Bresslergroup, Talia supports the design, execution, analysis, and reporting on human factors research projects. She oversees the human factors and usability research team, provides technical oversight, and interfaces with clients. Her three areas of expertise are regulatory-compliant human factors research, use-related risk management, and research ethics.

Talia has a Bachelor’s of Science in Neuroscience from Brown University. She is fascinated by people and human behavior, so her job never gets boring. She finds it particularly rewarding to see products obtain regulatory approval and market success, often months after her work is complete.

Outside of work, Talia can be found eating and cooking food, doing hot yoga, and trying to convince her three kids to step away from their screens and play outside.

Favorite all-time product: The Big Green Egg – it’s so much more than a grill! What are you most curious about? The source of energy for five-year-old boys If you could redesign anything, what would you choose? Kitchen cabinets, so I can reach what’s on those top two shelves without performing an acrobatic routine.