Work With Us
Tony Gatta
Principal Mechanical Engineer

Tony started out studying physics in college but switched to mechanical engineering when he realized he was more interested in the how of it than the why of it.

He excels at creative problem-solving, preferably complicated by a hefty list of constraints, including but not limited to cost, weight, strength, timeframe, and budget. “Some people like Sudoku,” he says. “I like engineering problems and figuring out how to use the physical world to our advantage.” He is particularly skilled in analysis, simulation, prototyping, and collaboration.

Tony earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Physics from Drexel University. Before coming to Bresslergroup, he worked in electric engineering, process engineering for a large manufacturer, and ran his own prototype shop. 

In addition to his diverse work experience, he has moved around a lot, living on both U.S. coasts and in between. Wherever he lands, he is sure to be found tinkering in a workshop filled with mechanisms, widgets, doohickeys, and products of his own invention.

What's your all-time favorite product? HP48g calculator What would you be if you weren't an engineer? An astronaut. Finish this sentence: Design is ... ... the process of studying, learning, and resolving a problem in an elegant way.